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March 30, 2012 — by Stephen Lipman
Tags: Cosmetic Dentistry Windsor Porcelain Veneers

Hi, I'm Dr. Stephen Lipman and I'd personally like to welcome you to the all new dr.lipman.com, the new home on the web for my dental practice, Family Dentistry of Windsor, P.C. located in Windsor, Connecticut and my new blog.

I am very excited about the new website. In it, you'll discover, the many ways we can keep you and your family,  looking their best and feeling their best for years to come. For instance, our Cosmetic Dentistry page describes  fantastic techniques we provide to enhance anyone's smile. From Zoom Enhanced Whitening to Porcelain Veneers to a Smile Makeover, you'll find it all there. Our General Dentistry Page and our Restorative Dentistry page includes the many services necessary to keep a smile looking well, functioning well and healthy. Not forgetting the little ones around us, our Children's Dentistry page is an excellent resource for any parent. We are a true family practice and kids are always welcome at Family Dentistry of Windsor.

Being a premier dental practice means keeping up with the times. That's why we offer groundbreaking technology including  Waterlase Laser Dentistry using the state of the art iPlus laser and Schick Digital Radiography. Exploring those pages on drlipman.com will open the doors to the many ways you can benefit from these huge advances in services used in improving dental health.

Speaking of health, it is now clearly understood that it's  impossible to have a healthy body without first maintaining a healthy mouth. I've devoted many hours of study to just this one topic, it's that important. If there's one all encompassing concept I feel all my patients need to know it is this. Do read the Whole Body Health article I've posted on the new website. It clearly demonstrates the vital link between oral health and our whole body health.

As far as the new blog goes, each week I'll post fascinating tidbits from all around the dental world, some funny, all important so do check back often. Understand, as a health care professional, I feel it's as important for me to take on the role as an educator as it to take on the role as a doctor providing services. That's the ideal, its the goal.  I continually go back to school to learn  so that I can return home and pass that great new idea to my family of patients. That way, we can learn and grow together, to better our understanding and in turn better our dental health and overall well being. It is my hope that this blog can be an extension of that ideal.

Thanks and talk to next week!

Dr. Stephen Lipman