CERECĀ® Technology for Same Day Crowns

January 15, 2015 — by Stephen Lipman
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Couple with white, healthy teethA damaged tooth is like an open doorway for bacteria, allowing it to enter the inner layer of the tooth where it can cause a painful infection and lead to more serious oral health problems. Still, even knowing the potential harm of tooth decay, damage, and erosion, many patients are reluctant to schedule necessary restorative treatment. Dr. Stephen Lipman has found that, in many cases, this is because people are simply too busy to make the time for lengthy dental treatments that are likely to require multiple appointments. This is why Dr. Lipman utilizes CEREC® technology, which allows for the same day, in-office fabrication of dental restorations. By offering our Windsor patients same day crowns, we improve the convenience of dental care without compromising the quality or effectiveness of treatment.

The CEREC® Procedure

Patients who undergo dental crown treatment using the CEREC® system will experience a procedure that is very similar to traditional dental crown treatment. The difference is that these patients will leave our office with a permanent crown in place, rather than having to wait up to two to three weeks for a finished restoration to arrive, and then having to schedule a second dental appointment for placement. This is a huge benefit to our patients, who lead busy lives and have limited time for dental care.

Dr. Lipman will begin the dental crown treatment process by cleaning and prepping the tooth for the application of a dental crown. Dr. Lipman will reshape the tooth by removing damaged tooth enamel, but will preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. Once the tooth has been prepared, the CEREC® system will take digital impressions of the teeth that allow the computer software to customize the dental crown to each patient’s exact specifications. Using the CEREC® system, Dr. Lipman can take into account the size, shape, and color of the tooth, allowing patients to enjoy a restoration that fits comfortably and blends in naturally with the adjacent teeth. These design specifications are sent to the in-office milling machine, which will mold the dental crown out of a durable ceramic material. The final step of treatment will involve ensuring proper fit of the crown and then bonding it into place. Patients leave our office with a tooth that has been successfully restored, without the need for a secondary treatment appointment.

Additional CEREC®Treatments

The CEREC® system streamlines the dental crown treatment process and makes it faster and more convenient for our patients. Fortunately for those patients in need of additional, or alternate, dental treatments, the CEREC® system allows for same day treatment in other areas as well. Aside from dental crowns, our CEREC® machine can make in-office restorations for patients undergoing treatment involving inlays, onlays, and porcelain veneers.

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