Laser Dentistry for Incredibly Comfortable Dental Extractions

When a tooth has been affected by trauma or advanced decay, Dr. Stephen Lipman does everything he can to save it. But if the decay or trauma is too extensive, a dental extraction becomes necessary. In Windsor, CT, patients can depend on Dr. Lipman’s advanced laser dentistry for gentle, comfortable tooth extractions. Recovery following laser dentistry treatments is also significantly shorter than with traditional extractions. Following extraction, Dr. Lipman can coordinate placement of a dental implant-supported crown or denture to restore your smile. If you are experiencing tooth pain, please contact us today. Dr. Lipman will determine the best treatment for your needs.

Laser therapy preserves more bone during extractions, and also stimulates healthy tissue growth and bone regeneration.

woman with toothache

When a Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary

Tooth extraction is a very common procedure that becomes necessary when:

  • A permanent tooth is ready to come in, but the baby tooth has not fallen out yet.
  • Extra teeth are causing crowding, and blocking other teeth from erupting.
  • A root canal has been attempted, but fails.
  • A patient needs braces, and one or more teeth must be removed in order to achieve proper alignment.
  • Gum disease has severely compromised a tooth.
  • A tooth is badly cracked or broken.

Wisdom teeth, which usually erupt during adolescence, often need to be removed to correct or avoid problems. Technically known as third molars, these teeth often fail to align properly with the other teeth. Sometimes they come in at an angle, which can damage adjacent bone and teeth. Other times, they fail to come in all the way, forming a trap for food and bacteria. Most of the time, extraction will be recommended even if these teeth come in straight, because they are very hard to keep clean, and problems often develop over time.

How Lasers Assist Dental Extractions

Dr. Lipman is proud to provide state-of-the-art laser-assisted tooth extraction. This technique is far superior to traditional tooth extraction, which uses picks and pliers to loosen and remove a tooth. The traditional method can traumatize the bone and soft tissue when the tooth is leveraged out of its socket, resulting in inflammation and pain. Traditional tooth extraction can also leave bacteria at the base of the socket, and can lead to post-operative infection. Furthermore, traditional tooth extraction can disrupt the blood flow around the socket and compromise the blood clot, leading to a painful condition called dry socket.

With laser-assisted dental extraction, these problems are virtually eliminated. After numbing the tooth, Dr. Lipman uses a laser to separate the ligaments that connect the tooth to the bone, allowing him to lift it more easily out of the socket. When the tooth is out, he will then use another laser to sterilize the socket, eliminating any remaining bacteria. This action also cauterizes the tissue to stop excessive bleeding. The laser method results in a significantly decreased treatment time, faster healing, and minimal discomfort. Laser therapy preserves more bone during extractions, and also stimulates healthy tissue growth and bone regeneration. Dry socket is very rare with laser-assisted extractions, but if it happens, Dr. Lipman can use a laser to provide comfortable treatment.

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Patients who have undergone laser-assisted tooth extraction at Dr. Lipman’s practice say they are amazed at how easy and comfortable it was. If you are experiencing tooth pain, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Lipman will perform a thorough exam to determine the right treatment for you.