The Singin’ Dentist Windsor

the singin' dentist Dr. Steve Lipman’s talents extend beyond providing exceptional general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry to the local community. Patients may not know, but the man placing porcelain veneers and filling cavities is also a talented singer! Dr. Lipman has had a passion for music since a young age, and after many years of rocking to the Great American Songbook, he finally recorded and released his own album in early 2011.   We invite you to learn a little more about The Singin’ Dentist, as he’s affectionately called – contact his Windsor practice today!

If there's a song in your heart, there's music in your soul.

Dr. Lipman’s Musical Career

The Singin’ Dentist’s passion for music has deep roots; as a young boy growing up in Milford, he greatly enjoyed his mother’s records, including Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Mario Lanza, and Andy Williams. Both mother and son’s favorite was Frank Sinatra. Dr. Lipman particularly took to “That’s Life,” and he used to swing in his backyard screaming the song over and over.

Dr. Lipman participated in several high school theatre productions, but after that, he focused on his academic studies instead of his singing. His academic and professional path was guided by a love of dentistry. While in dental school, Dr. Lipman entertained his fellow students with a Christmastime rendition of "White Christmas" during the holidays, and won his campus talent show two years in a row performing songs from Frank Sinatra’s songbook.

Dr. Lipman started attending Sinatra performances regularly and sang karaoke at his local synagogue.  Years later, established in his dental practice, he discovered one of his patients owned a recording studio. When he felt comfortable enough, he decided to pursue one of his longtime dreams. With his patient’s help, Dr. Lipman hired a group of musicians, including the renowned New York pianist Peter Sokolow, and went to work in the studio for several months. The result: his album, There’s a Song in My Heart, released in February of 2011. The record can now be heard around the world, thanks to publicist and radio promoter Kari Gaffney of Kari-On Productions.

With no formal vocal training, Dr. Lipman relies on pure, unbridled talent and a passionate heart as he works his way through the Great American Songbook for captive audiences all over Windsor and surrounding Connecticut areas.  If you’re interested in booking The Singin’ Dentist for your next important event, contact him today.

His Greatest Influence: Frank Sinatra

Dr. Lipman’s great influence is undoubtedly Ol’ Blue Eyes himself.  Dr. Lipman won his college’s version of The Gong Show twice, singing songs from Frank Sinatra’s songbook. He also surprised his wife, Shelley, on their wedding day by serenading her with “Our Love is here to Stay.”

Of all the contemporary American singers, it's my opinion that Frank Sinatra communicated the essence of the American experience better than anyone.

His Recent and Current Projects

Besides his record, which was released in early 2011, Dr. Lipman has also gotten involved in the community theatre circuit. He recently played the villain Bill Sikes in Oliver and the nutty father, Harry McAfee, in Bye Bye Birdie. Occasionally Dr. Lipman can be found at Beth Hillel Synagogue in Bloomfield, chanting services. He also has performed at the Windsor Arts Center.

For those who may wonder how Dr. Lipman’s professional and personal endeavors coexist peacefully, he explains it this way:

“Singing is my dream, it's my passion. Furthermore, no one should ever fear their dreams. They should pursue them with gusto; so in essence, they never regret what they might have done or who they might have been.  When one has fulfilled what's in their heart, they have truly lived. Yes, it is my love to be a dentist but it is my passion to sing …”

Contact the Singin’ Dentist

If you’re interested in booking the Singin’ Dentist to perform at your wedding, party, fundraiser, or other event, please send him an email. He is eager to take on new projects and reach out musically to more people in the community.