Donna's Testimonial

Long-time Patient Donna Cohen's Testimonial


In Donna Cohen's testimonial, a patient of Dr. Stephen Lipman, she discusses a number of treatments she has had performed over the years. She continues to come to Family Dentistry of Windsor because of the very comfortable and caring atmosphere and high quality dental services. She would recommend Dr. Lipman and his team to other patients.

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Donna Cohen: I've had a lot of procedure done here with Dr. Lipman. I've had root canals. I've had him save some of my teeth. I've had cleanings. I've had crowns made, all sorts of things. I chose Dr. Lipman because I knew him and it had been about 10 years since I had been to the dentist, and I was really nervous. And he did a great job of reassuring me that it was going to be fine, and it was, to my great surprise, to be honest. When I first came in even for a cleaning, I asked if I could have some medication and he said, "Let's just see how it goes." And he talked me through it and it was awesome. He just talks you through it, literally talks you through it. "Okay, this is what I'm doing. Are you okay? Are you okay?" And he keeps checking and it's very helpful. I'm very happy with the results and we're still in process of doing other things and it's fine. I don't get nervous; I don't get anxiety; I just come in and it's sort of like a family here. My experience here is very different from the previous experience, which is why I came. Where I was before, it was very sterile and very office-like and very not-caring. And here they really care that you're okay. They care about how you're feeling. They care that the work comes out and looks good and is comfortable, and that you're comfortable through the process. I love coming here. I absolutely would recommend Dr. Lipman to friends and family, and in fact I have. So I would suggest that anyone, especially who has any concerns or anxiety, at least comes in and has a conversation, and just look around and see this is the place to come.