Meet Dr. Lipman

A Dentist Leading a Patient-oriented Practice


Dr. Stephen Lipman became a dentist after a life-long calling to enter the medical field. His practice is driven by his desire to use his skills to help patients and improve their smiles and lives. In addition to overseeing his dental practice, he also enjoys spending time with his family and performing in his jazz coffee shop.

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I have been a dentist now for 30 years. I have been practicing dentistry. I've owned this particular practice for over 25 years now. I have enjoyed every moment of it. My mom's a nurse. I heard the stories of health care growing up for years. I was really drawn to it. Really got drawn to health care and felt like I had a need or a gift to heal. I started trying to pursue that. I don't know, dentistry just seemed to be a real good fit for me. It was not an easy thing to go after. I didn't come from, we did not have a lot. When I went to college I had to put myself through school. I didn't have anyone paying my way. It was a tough hurdle, but what it has opened up for me has just been a wonderful, wonderful experience. I have definitely been given the opportunity to heal in wonderful ways. My mom is a fantastic nurse. Empathic, patients loved her, she just seemed to know what was wrong. I don't know, I feel like I got that gift from her. I just feel like when I meet somebody, if I see their face, I can see what's happening. At least what's going on in their mind. That helps me in what I do, in being able to see this. To help them. If you can really connect with people in such a way, it's a marvelous gift to get from your mom. That's why I went into dentistry. It's a fabulous career. It's one I have found to be both challenging and spiritually rewarding. I did my undergrad at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. I went to the university of Connecticut Health Center to get my dental training. I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine in 1984, 30 years. I went into private practice right away. Went to work for somebody. Following those few years in that position, I discovered this particular practice was available. Away I went. There is nothing better, after whatever treatment you've completed, when that patient looks at you right into your eyes and they smile and they say thank you. There's that human connection. Well, I've just been paid. I'm choking up. That's it. I truly care about these folks and that thank you is payment for me. There is no better payback any person can get when you have a connection. You know you've done your job and you have done it well. I have a family. I have a wife and kids and I love them. I have to spend time with my family because they are ultimately what's important to me. Hobbies, I am into model trains. Still am as I was as a little kid. Still do it. I love it. I love photography. I like to go out and do a lot of picture taking. Where ever I go I'm snapping like crazy. Most important is my music. Where my dentistry is my love, my music is my passion. In both cases, I am making this intimate connection with people. That's what drives me forward. We're all human beings. To me that's what's important. We're all inhabiting this planet and to be able to connect with another individual to me is the most exciting thing. Whether I am connecting with them by providing healthcare or I am connecting with them as a vocalist on stage, it's all the same high. It's a tremendous high. It's contagious. I did an open day house for me to perform in. I own the building that my practice is in here. I really have this practice or need to spread the arts in the community. It dawned on me that I have the perfect opportunity right next to my practice. We developed 226 Jazz Art Java. It's a cafe coffee bar offering all sorts of great coffees, barista drinks and great gluten free menu of wraps and salads and so forth. It converts on Saturday night into a jazz club. We bring in live music. It's fabulous and the community has responded very well to this. I would love to see this have babies. To see more art be drawn into this lovely comet we are in. I think its a good niche for Windsor. I'm doing my part. Someone's got to do it. I decided to vote with my pocketbook and my energy and really make it happen there.