Advanced Technology for More Comfortable Extractions


Dr. Stephen Lipman is proud to offer incredibly comfortable tooth extractions. His patients can enjoy improved healing times and minimal discomfort with his gentle technique and use of laser technology. In all, extractions with a dental laser mean less inflammation, fewer post-operative complications, and a quicker road to recovery.

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A lot of dentists don't like to do extractions. I have no fear of doing extractions. It's part of dentistry. Of course, my primary goal always is to save the tooth, if I can. Of course, there are times when you can't save the tooth, and of course, therefore we have to remove it. What's so cool about doing extractions is that I'm a laser dentist and laser dentistry is where it's at. Whether it's a simple extraction, or a surgical extraction, it's no problem. Some pretty complicated surgical extractions, the tooth is broken off of the gum line, this type of thing, which could really result in a lot of trauma to the patient, a lot of discomfort, it just doesn't have to be and with the laser, we're able to accomplish that procedure quickly for the patient, with literally no discomfort and their post-operative discomfort is minimal, if any. They do very, very well. At Family Dentist of Windsor, if you need an extraction, we're there to help you. I will say that the only extractions that we don't do, we usually refer out our impacted molars. I feel those are in the realm of a specialist and I send my patients for that. Once again, regarding extractions or any care, when we evaluate the patient, if we see the care requires the need of a specialist, we will certainly always refer them out. We don't want to bite off more than we can chew. Again, it's always what is in the best interest of the patient. Recovery time for an extraction, when it is done with a laser, is again, very, very minimal. One of the major complications of an extraction is what people refer to a dry socket, which is extremely painful. That rarely, if ever, happens when we do a laser assisted extraction, and if it does, I can take the pain away from a dry socket within minutes using a laser, so it's no longer this long drawn out painful ordeal for a week or so with getting the socket packed. In addition, because the procedure is done with a laser and we're not setting off all these very extreme inflammatory reactions in the body, people when they wake up from the anesthesia may have minimal discomfort, can be a little bit sore, nothing more than an Ibuprofen might be required, but they just don't have any tremendous discomfort and they heal very, very quickly, extremely quickly. Extractions done with a dental laser, the statistics show that these people just heal better.