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Meet a Family Dentist Committed to Compassionate Care


Dr. Stephen Lipman is a family dentist committed to providing patients with state-of-the-art care in a compassionate manner. Patients can receive exceptional dental services with the latest cutting-edge technology. With a warm staff and comfortable environment, you can feel relaxed while undergoing any of their general, restorative, or cosmetic dental treatments.

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Here at Family Dentistry of Windsor, we provide probably the most technologically advanced health care that's available today in a kind, caring and compassionate environment. It is my belief that a patient who walks through my door really should be treated like family and I consider my patients my extended family and my staff does too. You're not just a number, this is not a cold clinic, basically, we care for you and we take special interest in you. When you come here, you'll feel like you are visiting a relative, most importantly, we want to help you better your dental care, your health care, we want to make you look great, want your smile to look as best as it could. Oral care isn't just about your teeth and your gums. It's about your whole body. Research is showing today that people who have healthier mouths have healthier bodies, there's a strong connection. Our heads are actually connected to our bodies and people forget that and what happens in your mouth definitely effects what's happening to your whole body. What sets me apart from other practitioners, I believe, is the way I connect with people and other individuals. I have a firm connection, I read people well and I communicate very, very well to people. I have a big ear, I like to listen. I think a lot of people these days don't listen, listen to what the patient has to say, what the problem is. At Family Dentistry of Windsor we provide a full gamut of dental services from restorations, white fillings, to cosmetics, veneers, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, dentures, extractions, gum treatment, periodontal treatment, we really have pretty much the latest and the greatest technology in this office to provide cutting edge care. We're offering one day CEREC crown, restorations without any anesthesia required at all. We use a laser for doing a lot of our restorations. The laser just does such a terrific job, especially around their front teeth, they don't need any anesthesia whatsoever. When they're done they say, "My gosh, I can't, they say, I felt nothing, I can't believe it." My staff is integral in the success of my practice and they all have the mantra and the mantra always is, is without the patient there is no reason for us to be here. Any patient who walks in that door, they are going to feel at home when they enter this place and when we get a new person, a new patient in here, one of the first things we get from a survey from them is just how good they felt when they were here, how friendly everybody is, how well taken care of they were. My staff are honestly an extension of me, they have to be, from my hygienists to my assistants to my front desk staff, they're all here to care, to educate and so everyone knows, a patients knows what the game is here and they like it man, they like it, they keep coming back and that's why we are as busy as we are.