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In these patient testimonials, patients talk about their exceptional experiences at Family Dentistry of Windsor. They discuss the top-notch dental services they have received, and the dentist and staff's caring manner. One patient also had a dental phobia, and is now comfortable coming to the dentist because of Dr. Lipman's patience and friendliness.

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Rob Warner: I've been coming to Dr. Lipman for 13 years, since I moved here. Since I've been here, he's done all my standard maintenance work like cleanings, twice a year of course. I love, it because you see the same girls every time you come in. It's really quite a unique practice. I've been to a lot of dentist in my lifetime. Donna Maitland-Ward: I have my biannual cleans. I come here regularly for those. They include the X-rays. I also have had a crown done, some cavities filled. Dr. Lipman is wonderful through to that. Because I have major dental phobia. I did. He's really worked with me through that. Rob Warner: You know, when I first moved here in 2001, I moved to Windsor and I wanted to use a local dentist and all I did is I looked around in the local papers to see what dentist were available. He was the first one I chose, and I chose well. I'm extremely happy with the results at Dr. Lipman's office. Donna Maitland-Ward: I chose Dr. Lipman because my mother is a patient, was a patient of his. She knew I had major dentist phobia. I had a dentist sprain my jaw when he pulled out a wisdom tooth. She knew I had anxiety around going to dentist and had been really delaying it. She said, ``I have the perfect dentist for you.'' Met with Dr. Lipman and I have to tell you, immediately from my first visit, he completely walked me through every single procedure. He does a really nice job of reading my body cues, as well. So he can see when I was getting more tense and would walk me through. The first time I can I needed to have a cavity filled, and he walked me through getting the Novocain, talked me through, ``Donna it's okay.'' He was see that my nose was sweating up. I have been here for, I want to say maybe six, seven years now. I'm okay with coming to the dentist now as a result of dealing with Dr. Lipman and his staff. Like it's nice, I don't mind coming here anymore. So now I have my husband and all my children are patients here as well. Rob Warner: I've moved quite a bit in my lifetime. In moving around, you go to a lot of different dentists. I've had very poor experiences, and I've had some good experiences with dentists. But, I've never stayed with a dentist as long as I have Dr. Lipman because nothing but good experiences. I've never had a bad experience whether it be maintained work or work I needed done on root canals or cracked teeth or what have you. Donna Maitland-Ward: I feel like he cares about us as a family. He will inquire about the kids when I come in or when the kids come in. He'll ask questions about what they're doing. My husband likes to cook, they'll have those discussions back and forth. You feel like you're at home when you're here in his office. Rob Warner: Dr. Lipman is a dentist I've stayed with for 13 years. I've never stayed with a dentist that long, and I don't anticipate changing away from Dr. Lipman. Even since I've moved from Windsor to Coventry. I still drive over here just to see Dr. Lipman. Donna Maitland-Ward: I am 100% satisfied with all the work that he does. Both on myself, my husband, he's had a crown filled. The kids and their cleanings. I feel like he gives really good advice, sound advice around what procedure we should have next. I feel like he takes the time, we're not rushed. So I have no concerns about the services here. Rod Warner: I would absolutely recommend Dr. Lipman and his practice to any friends or family who are in the general area. Donna Maitland-Ward: If Dr. Lipman is the best dentist around town. I would never shift to another dentist. I would not leave him. I tell everybody to come here, my mother had stopped coming here. I just said to her this past weekend, you need to call Dr. Lipman back and come and visit. I have my nephew who's an adult, he comes, he's here. He brings his daughter. He's amazing, he's great, and he's friendly. He's the perfect dentist.