Dental Implants

Implant Dentistry Can Restore Your Smile


Surgically inserted in the jaw bone, dental implants are titanium posts that serve the function of a tooth root. Dr. Stephen Lipman works with an outstanding implant dentistry team who can place the posts and then restore them with a crown, bridge, or denture. Many patients choose dental implant-supported restorations for their incredible stable, durable, and lifelike results.

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Implant restorations are a huge facet for my dental practice. Today, when someone comes to me with a missing tooth or they have to lose a tooth or have it extracted, years ago we'd put in fixed bridges where you cap the teeth on either side of the space to replace the tooth. That was the standard of care for many, many years. However, in doing that, you are grinding down multiple perfectly good teeth many times. Possibly destroying the patients bite or at least having to recreate that bite because you are grinding the teeth down. What is a better solution? I like the KISS principal of keeping it simple. Implants really allow us to keep it simple. Logically, if you are missing a tooth, wouldn't it be nice to just put that tooth back? It's be nice if you could plant a seed and grow a tooth, but we can't do that today. In its place what we do is, with implants, we can put a tooth back that way. Working with and excellent periodontist, I have developed a terrific team to treat my implant patients. Basically, if a patient comes to me with a missing tooth or they have to lose a tooth for whatever reason, we want to replace that tooth with an implant. We get the team together and go over this case and replace that tooth with a dental implant. What a dental implant does is, if you think of a tree and its roots, think of that as a root in the ground and what is coming out on top, what you see is what I make for you. The periodontist is going to put that implant up in the bone and then I will restore that and make you look good. I will restore the function, restore the aesthetics. I do this time and time and time again. What's kind of cool is we have such a good team developed to do this that these cases go down 99% of the time flawlessly, quickly and the patients are ecstatic at what they got. Just delivered last week, a patient had lost her front tooth. It has failed. She got her front tooth and she looked like a million bucks. I wish I could show the picture here. It is just tremendous. Once again, to be able to put a tooth back that had to be extracted just by putting it back in its space, that to me is just fantastic. Its all about what ever the patient needs. What their current problem is. What we need to do to restore. It's about improving health, improving nutrition, improving your bite, improving your aesthetics and ultimately helping that patient's self esteem and how they feel about themselves. Again, tremendous, tremendous reward for a practitioner like myself. If someone would like more information about how they can restore missing tooth with implant dentistry, pick up the phone give. my office a call. We will offer you a complimentary consultation. We will look at your situation and get you on the right track to replacing your teeth.