Kathleen's Testimonial

Overcoming Dental Phobia: Kathleen Keena's Testimonial


In Kathleen Keena's testimonial, she talks about her dental phobia and how Dr. Stephen Lipman has helped her overcome it. She praises the doctor for being a people-person and helping patients feel comfortable while receiving treatment. Additionally, she is very impressed with his craftsmanship in creating restorations.

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Dr. Lipman is an exceptional person. When I came in for treatment, he was so mindful of caring for me as a total person. He is tuned in to the person's emotional state and I found that extraordinary. In fact, I was, like, 'What is he doing?' I had some difficulty with dentistry. To tell you the truth it was leaning back and being vulnerable in that chair. I needed a lot of trust. I would get shook up in the chair, and afraid. Dr. Lipman, he picked that up right away and said to me, 'Are you okay? Are you okay?' I mean he wouldn't not let me not be okay. It was just a wonderful thing. I feel safe, I learned to feel safe, working with him. Then I discovered that he's a great craftsman. He's really an artist. I could start seeing, 'Well, look at the work he's doing.' He would craft some dentistry and you could see the way he's going, 'This is beautiful. No, I don't have it quite right. Okay, wait, just a minute.' He'd go, 'Oh, yeah, this is it.' He's like, I never saw anybody do it like that. Actually, it does turn out. He's very artistic guy, he's a musician, he appreciates the arts. I'm a theater director, so we have a lot in common, it turns out. He want's to bring the arts to Windsor Center and there's a lot there. But, to be an artist in dentistry, I would say it's another thing that really sets him apart. He's a people person and where are you going to find that in dentistry? I have personally never seen it and it's a big deal to me. I guess, going along with that, the third thing for me is you walk into this office and he and Shelly, his wife, they have designed it as a beach setting. I mean, who's going to do that? All the colors are beach colors. Looking here you can see a boat in the water. It's a reflection of his larger, overall respect for people and wanting them to feel comfortable. He's humble, too. It's not out of, 'Well, I'm just going to do this.' He just does it and it's part of his nature and I'm very grateful for Dr. Lipman. I mean I'd never thing of going to another doctor. I recommend him as the highest.