Full Mouth Reconstruction

Restore Your Oral Health and Appearance with Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Full mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive treatment plan to restore your oral health, including your bite and smile. Dr. Stephen Lipman will use a combination of restorative treatments to rejuvenate your appearance and confidence. Each full mouth rehabilitation is different, and the procedures and recovery time will depend on your unique needs.

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The perfect candidate for full mouth reconstruction is someone whose teeth have reached a state where it is very, very difficult to restore their dentition without resulting in having to reconstruct the whole picture. Usually, in this case, they've lost a lot of teeth and their bite is collapsed. We really have to reestablish all the key functioning points in the bite, in your status is all gone. Usually, many times, this is going to involve some extractions, or some crowns. Many times, it's going to involve implants or dentures because they have lost so much of what they were born with that we really need to try to bring it back, to reconstruct it. These are challenging cases, and every one of them is different. There's no recipe for this. You really have to sit down and see what's going on. Sometimes you have to bring in your team of specialist with you to help you with this because there's a lot going on. In order to really achieve the goal. When you talk about a full mouth reconstruction, you're not just reconstructing the smile, you're reconstructing this whole patient's bite. Usually their bite is collapsed. What do you mean by collapsed bite? Their nose and their chin come to close together. When you look at an old person who have lost their teeth and they try to close, you'll notice their whole face just collapses and that's generally a first sign of this when you see a patient walk in. It's quite a thing to bring that back. You really have to reconstruct the entire bite and make the person look good, make them comfortable, happy, and it has to be able to be maintained. These are all of your goals, benchmarks that you have to reach. There are quite a few of these. They are a lot of fun. They require a lot of work, a lot of education on part of the patient, but they do come out nice. They are really gratifying when that patient is done. You see where they start, and you see where they end up and how they look, what they are able to eat and how they feel about themselves and their self esteem is like. Giving that patient back that self esteem is critical. You do that in a well done treatment plan for reconstruction. Recovery is based on whatever is being done. Every patient is different. The recovery is going to be based on what is going to be required to get the reconstruction done. If they have extractions, they're going to have to recover from that. Sometimes these are multi-face treatment plans because you are reestablishing bites and so forth. So the patients do very well regarding discomfort, is really very little. We really like to plan things out. To achieve good dentistry, you really need to have good planning. You have to think it out thoroughly. If you need specialists, bring them on board. It's all about the patient and getting the job done. Regarding recovery, it really depends on the case, and the particular patient's needs. If the patient would like more information about a full mouth reconstruction, or if they realize that their bite is collapsed and they really need help, pick up the phone, give our office a call. We'll get them in for a complementary consultation, take a look at their situation, and we'll advise them of what the best treatment course is for them.