Non-sedation Dentistry

Achieving Optimal Oral Health with Non-sedation Dentistry


Dr. Stephen Lipman and his team believe that patients can enjoy supremely comfortable dental care without the need for needles. With the use of great topical treatments and other therapies, patients can receive oral health treatments without the discomfort of needles or a numb mouth. Contact us today to learn more about non-sedation dentistry.

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Honestly, there's just a lot of procedures that patients don't need an injection for. Unfortunately, that's one of the things people most fear. People have a fear of an injection and they do. The beauty of it is, for example, fillings on your front teeth. To get that numb, it's just not a pleasant experience. I don't care who does it, okay. With the dental laser, it's very easy to do restorations with nice white filings on those front teeth if there's cavities there and there's absolutely no reason for an injection with that. It's just the patients can't believe they don't feel anything. I would say, for 99% of the people, of course there's always somebody, but generally I would say people can get by without having to get an injection for a filling and I think that is just a tremendous service to the patient. One, they don't walk out numb. Two, they don't have to endure the injection. It's just tremendous, okay. We use it when we have to use it and that's what's so good. So for a lot of gum work, we don't have to inject. There's great topicals out there that we use in lieu of that and you get a happier patient. Honestly, if anybody wants to learn more about non-sedation dentistry, pick up the phone and give us a call. We'll get you in for a complementary consultation and teach you all about it and let you know how much easier dental treatment can be for you.