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The dental staff at Family Dentistry of Windsor are dedicated to making your experience an exceptional one. The staff have extensive professional experience and a caring manner with patients. They also work hard to make patients feel welcomed and relaxed while receiving top-notch dental services.

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The staff are an extension of me, and that's the most important thing to learn. My mantra that I live by of caring for my patients as if they're part of my extended family, well, they understand that quite well, and boy, do they perform beautifully. So, the moment someone walks through the door and they see the receptionist at the desk, they're greeted warmly, and they're already ears open, already listening, because listening is the most important thing you need to do when you're dealing with people. I mean, they're here for a reason. You need to listen to hear what they have to say, and it goes on from there. If they're going to have treatment, they're going to encounter either my hygienist, who again, is going to listen, make them feel comfortable, at home, is going to educate them and get the job done, in a nice fashion. Being an extension of me, I can't do everything or be everywhere at the same time. They have to be able to be given the patient the care that I profess, the care that I feel they deserve coming into this practice Family Dentristy of Windsor. Equally, when my assistants come in, they're going to bring them in, they're going to greet them, they're going to make them feel welcome, they're going to ask, find out whatever problem they have. Triage it to some degree to help me there, either get an X-ray, again, listen to what the problem is and fill me in before I walk in, so I have an idea of what's going on. We'll find out if there's any new medical problem that they had. We never want to do anything to hurt a patient. We're going to treat them the same way we want to be treated, if the roles were reversed. Knowing that, it all goes down beautifully, and once again, the patients feel welcome. They feel like they're part of the family. They feel like they're part of the team. One more thing, my staff is a team, and people feel it. There's no angst, there's no arguing, we're all working together to accomplish that one goal, and that's excellent patient care in a warm, friendly setting, technologically advanced. Still, people consider me the country doc, so that's what it's all about. So, it doesn't get any better than that. There's all these medical practices stringing up today. They call it concierge medicine. What does that mean? That means actually the physician's going to take the time to give you the care you probably should be getting anyways, and you're going to pay for that. You're going to pay extra for the physician to actually have the time to sit there and listen and diagnose and treat. Well, you're going to get that here at Family Dentistry Windsor for no extra cost, because that's what I believe health care is all about, and that's what we deliver day after day after day.