Paula's Testimonial

Long-time Patient Paula Pierce's Testimonial


In Paula Pierce's testimonial, she talks about the welcoming environment and how knowledgeable the staff is at Family Dentistry of Windsor. She says that Dr. Lipman is also very focused on patient education and explaining procedures to patients. Ms. Pierce recommends Dr. Lipman to other patients for his dental care, as well as for his involvement in the community.

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I come to Dr. Lipman for my regular dental checkups. Luckily, I seem to be doing well, so I don't have to come in for any extractions and different procedures. I've been doing pretty good. He is involved in the community. I like to use local businesses whenever I can, and I look for business owners who specifically like to contribute to the community also. Dr. Lipman is very involved in First Town Downtown, the Windsor Chamber of Commerce and other organizations. I believe in supporting the community. If you support the heart of the community, the community grows and everybody prospers from it. Organizations with missions that support the overall community, I think that is a benefit to everybody. Whenever I come into Dr. Lipman's office, it is welcoming, the people are friendly and knowledgeable. They'll explain everything about insurance if you have questions about what is covered and what is not. It's a welcoming environment, I think. Dr. Lipman's approach to dental care, from my experience, is that he gives you more information, he doesn't just come in, do the procedure or cleaning or inspection and leave. He gives you information about your own health, about how your dental health affects your overall health and I think that's important. Well, I've been with Dr. Lipman for over 10 years, so it's been a while since I've been to another dentist, but from my past experience, I am happy here. I think that having the support system he has in his office, with his staff and his hygienists, is very helpful. He's got good people working here. They're friendly, they're personable and they know what they're doing, and so that makes me very happy to be here at Dr. Lipman's. If people are looking for a new dentist, I think Dr. Lipman is an excellent choice. He is right here in the center of town and he supports the community, and that is very important, not just for his own practice, but for the community in general.