Same-day Crowns

Same-day Crowns Offer the Ultimate in Patient Convenience


With his in-office CEREC® machine, Dr. Stephen Lipman can plan, create, and place dental crowns in just one visit. Patients can benefit from this convenient treatment, which streamlines the traditional process of creating and placing a crown. Same-day crowns are an example of Dr. Lipman's dedication to incorporating new technologies into his practice to provide the best in dental care to his patients.

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Normally, when a patent was going to get a crown, this is what was going to happen. They were going to go in and they would have the tooth prepared, put a temporary, a provisional on the tooth. Depending on how healthy the gums were, we could get an impression that day of course, with my laser, that's not such a big problem because using my laser, we were able to deal with the gums right then and there. For me, because I am a laser dentist, that wasn't such a big deal. However, we still have to get an impression. It will still have to go out to a dental laboratory and we would have to wait for that. In the meantime, they were wearing this temporary which may come off. If it came off they have to come back and have it out back on. this is multiple trips to the dental office. Then we get the crown back from the lab. If all is well, we fit it and hopefully it fits and we check it. Most of the time it fit. Sometimes it didn't fit. If it didn't fit well, we have to take another impression. It goes back to the laboratory and then the patient has to wait again for the lab to make the crown. It comes back and they would do it again. This is how it works. That was the experience and I did that for many many years and it worked fine. Cerec is totally different. What we do different is we sit the patient down. We prepare the tooth like we normally would do. Again, we have to deal with the gums, but we have the laser so no problem there. Instead of taking an impression, we now scan the tooth into a computer. On that computer, I will digitally design a virtual crown for the patient. Make it unique them. After the crown is designed, we turn around and mill it right here in the office. After milling it, this is a totally ceramic crown. It looks just like a tooth, there is no metal involved, so nothing can turn black. None of that nonsense on the old crowns. It looks like a tooth its beautiful. We then will fit it on the patients tooth. When we are done fitting it we turn around and fire it so it gets nice and hard. I will tell you, a hammer won't break that thing. We bond them onto the tooth and they look great. How many times do we have to remake these? Never. The point of the matter is, they always fit because basically I am preparing the tooth and designing it all the same day. I am not trying to translate what I am doing to another person, to a subcontractor to make this crown. We end up with this gorgeous crown that fits and a very happy patient who has only got to come here once. They came in without a crown and they go out leaving with a beautiful crown and they are ecstatic. Any dentist who doesn't go back for continued education is not doing themselves a service nor the patient. Fortunately, the technology in dentistry is moving at a fantastic pace right now. Regarding lasers, one day milled crowns, way we look at implants. You need to go back to school and learn. Without technology. I don't even know how you could practice today. When you look at how much computers are now integrated in what we do, this where you have to move. I mean, you have to stay abreast of what is going on. Technology is key, and anyone who ignores it is missing the boat. If someone would like to know more about Cerec one day crowns. Pick up the phone and give me a call. We will get you in here for a complimentary consultation and teach you how great an experience it is to receive the Cerec crown.